ARTS (Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability) is committed to understanding the role and impact of transition initiatives in cities and examining the conditions that can aid accelerating change towards a sustainable low-carbon society.

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InContext (Individuals InContext: Supportive environments for sustainable living) identified framework conditions enabling societal transition towards an ecologically sound, economically successful and culturally diverse future.

The InContext team initiated three local transition arenas and observed four bottom-up initiatives for alternative living in local communities across Europe. It combined action orientated interventions with conceptual thinking about sustainable behaviour.

Bringing in the perspective of citizen initiatives, this project contributed to broadening the Informed Cities initiative and linked it to transition thinking as a way of understanding urban change.

Key publications:

Key Messages. How to create space for change?

Key insights for policy makers and grassroots activists coming from the InContext project - available in English and German

Policy Brief. Going out of the town hall.

This policy brief explores new ways for local government actors for engaging with local initiatives that work on or want to tackle the sustainability challenges facing their local communities.

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Project partners:

Informed Cities
(PRIMUS: Policy and Research for an Integrated Management of Urban Sustainability) aimed to examine and enhance connectivity between research and policy-making for sustainable development, at (and for) the local level.

Connecting researchers and policy makers, this project was a start of the Informed Cities initiative.

Key publications:

European Frameworks for Local Sustainability
The role of researchers, policy-makers and European institutions in shaping local commitment

This publication focuses on:

  • identifying links between European frameworks for local sustainability and integrated sustainability management at the local level
  • enhancing cooperation of researchers and policy-makers at every step of the local process
  • proposing 10 key features of an ideal European framework for local sustainability

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Knowledge Brokerage in Action in European Cities
Key insights from five successful knowledge brokerage initiatives

This publication focuses on:

  • introducing the concept of knowledge brokerage
  • presenting successful cases from Oslo (Norway), Turku (Finland), Norrk√∂ping (Sweden), Newcastle (UK) and Tilburg (Netherlands)
  • identifying main barriers and success factors for the cooperation of local governments and research institutions

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Informed Cities. Making Research Work For Local Sustainability
ed. M.Joas, K.Theobald, D.McGuinness, C.Garzillo, S.Kuhn, Routledge 2014

The Informed Cities book looks at the knowledge brokerage processes between cities and higher education institutions, and in particular evaluates governance mechanisms for monitoring local sustainability and the role of research within this.

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