Field Workshops

Participants may choose one of 6 field workshops, organized in cooperation with the local transition initiatives:

Workshop 1

Entrepreneurs for transition: economy for the common good

How to build a local economy that is good for people and the planet? Should we count on established economic actors changing their ways or rather create alternative models? Can you (and should you) make money with sustainable businesses?

This workshop will explore a range of alternative models of economic activity, which will be discovered and discussed with representatives of local businesses and projects promoting approaches to the economy for the common good. The field workshop will include a stop-off at packaging-free shop Lose Laden.  

Joining the conversation

Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie

Local currency Elbtaler

Lose Laden


Access via public transport

Wheelchair friendly

Workshop 2

Workshop full

Changing (a city) together: working across sectors, themes and scales

How can different people and institutions work together to accelerate the sustainability transition? Who (if anyone) leads the way? How to move from competition to cooperation? Can you find space for reflection while still getting things done?

This workshop will involve different people and institutions active in Dresden’s sustainability scene, such as a Local Agenda 21 office, the Urban Gardening Network or Dresden im Wandel (Transition Town Dresden), to discuss the benefits and difficulties related to working together.

Joining the conversation

Environmental Centre Dresden

Local Agenda 21 office

Future City Dresden

Transition Town Dresden


Access via public transport

Wheelchair access possible, wheelchair accessible toilets available adjacent to venue

Workshop 3

Workshop full

Co-creating stories of change: art, culture and sustainability transitions

How do the stories we tell and hear influence our ideas of what is possible? What happens when you put researchers, activists and artists together? Can art and culture help to fire up enthusiasm? Is art that carries a political message still good art?

This workshop will feature examples of artists, initiatives and cultural institutions engaging with sustainability transitions in Dresden and other ARTS regions, inviting participants to reflect upon the role art and culture can play in changing places and people.

Joining the conversation

Stories of Change, Dresden

Fargfabriken/Experiment, Stockholm

ONCA/Future Roots, Brighton


Access by public transport

Wheelchair accessible

Workshop 4

Any places left? The role of open spaces in fostering transitions

Who decides about how the city uses its space? Do transition initiatives need physical spaces to act? How to create and maintain open spaces, permanent or temporary?

This workshop will take place in Geh8, artist-run space in a former rail workshop, and will involve other initiatives working around various dimensions of urban space, including green spaces, housing and culture.

Joining the conversation

Geh8, Dresden

Stadt.statt.Strand, Vienna/Zurich/Munich/Berlin

Jaqueline Muth, Dresden City Councillor


Transport by Critical Mass bicycle tour

Workshop 5

Edible Dresden: urban gardens, consumer cooperatives and community-supported agriculture

What is the link between a city and its surrounding region? Why is food so political? How many sustainable food initiatives does a city need (and is there a maximum number)?

This workshop will introduce you to Dresden’s vibrant sustainable food scene, visiting different initiatives along the way and discussing their links to wider transition themes.

Joining the conversation 

Urban Gardening Network


Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

Verbrauchergemeinschaft VG eG


Critical Mass bicycle tour

Workshop 6

Towards acceleration strategies: can modelling help out?

What can computer modelling tell us about how sustainability transitions work, and how they can be influenced? How can modelling support strategic decision-making processes of local initiatives, policy-makers and other organizations?

In this workshop we will engage in a model facilitated discussion about acceleration strategies in Dresden and the other ARTS regions. It is intended for those interested in addressing sustainability transitions from a strategic point of view.


St Pauli Ruine

Wheelchair accessible